Information about Ecochain’s Testnet

Why Testnet ?

All chains need one or more testnets. On these chains anything can be tested; code bugs, security holes or even new ideas may be born. And of course, testnet can be used from developers to start writing smart contracts and develop Dapps immediately.



  • Model: UTXO
  • Algorithm: Pure PoS
  • Target block creation time: 32 seconds
  • Minting: anyone can do minting if he already possesses ECO coins and runs a node.
  • Smart contracts: Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

When is it going to get launched ?

Very soon. We are going to announce it shortly on social media and here at news section.

How can I get coins ?

Just send us your ecochain public address. We are going to send the coins immediately. Requests can be sent to

Bug Bounty program

Do you think that you found a security hole or bug? Or have a good proposal on a security matter? Please share it with us. Your effort isn’t going to stay unrewarded. Depending on the seriousness of the bug we are going to give ECO-coins at the initial phase of Mainnet.

When Testnet is going to be terminated?

There is no reason to be terminated. It must be run forever as a test platform for developers. To tell the truth, it is going to be a public chain, so we don’t have control over any chain (testnet or mainnet).

I am a developer. How can I use your platform ?

You can use solidity or any other language that can be compiled to EVM bytecode. If you need a compiler with more options on safety you can use our fork. For SDKs, look here.

I have a question

If you still have questions or proposals don’t hesitate to email us at