Successful launching of Main Net for ECOChain Press Conference

“Link the world, Linking you and me”

Successful launching of Main Net for ECOChain Press Conference

On October 28, 2019, the press conference of “link the world, linking you and me” and the launch of the ECOChain Main Net opened in Bangkok Conference Centre, Thailand. This conference is jointly sponsored by Blockchain Store Co Ltd and ECOChain, and co organized by Ding Sheng Media. Several media and over 100 guests from local and abroad witnessed the event.

This press conference specially invited CCTV, Thailand Central Television, News 163, Sohu News, Feng News, Sina News and other traditional media to attend, 8btc, HuoXing24, Jinse, Apisgo, Odaily, Block360, Tuoniaox, Shen Lian Cai Jing, Leekbox, Chain Century Finance, Tokenpapa, Blockwave, Chainhoo, Wei Lai Cai Jing, ZiSeCJ, Linksfin, LianyuCJ, SeLianCJ, U-news, Liantuan, XHZX, CGC topic, ATF, Bitell, Fogwu, QingTingCJ, BTxiaobai, Coinon, Btcmoney, Cyzone, Yunshi24, LieyunCJ, ITerduo, Guapi, Mbebtc, Xinza, Ainibtc, Bishifengyun and other well-known blockchain strategic cooperation Joint media coverage.

Bangkok mainnet launch ceremony

In particular, Major General, Chumporn Intongnoy, Secretary of the Ministry of Defence of Thailand, was invited to address the conference. The General believes that success comes from the correct judgment and selection of the trend and the accurate grasp of the opportunity. In the future, the blockchain industry will be the king of the era, and technology needs to serve the industry demand. I hope that ECOChain can make outstanding contributions to the global science and technology field, and on behalf of the Thai government will give ECOChain the greatest support!

Bangkok mainnet launch ceremony

After the opening speech, the Chief Operating Officer of ECOChain analysed in-depth the technology, development status and future planning of the ECOChain project for the on-site guests, so as to better understand the progress of the project. And the technical advantages and highlights of ECOChain.

Bangkok mainnet launch ceremony

Later, ECOChain launched lively the first node of the Main Net. During the 70 minute live broadcast of the launch process of the Main Net at the press conference, the deployment of the whole Main Net was successfully completed, and ECOChain was officially opened to the global community and the whole world since then.

Bangkok mainnet launch ceremony

After the meeting, all blockchain media interviewed Ecochain CTO Akis, COO Dominic and CBO Shi Zichen

Bangkok mainnet launch ceremony

Dominic, COO of ECOChain, interviewed by

Bangkok mainnet launch ceremony

ECOChain CTO Akis Chalkidis, COO Dominic & CBO Albert Shi interviewed by the leading news media in the industry

Bangkok mainnet launch ceremony

Akis Chalkidis, CTO of ECOC, interviewed CCTV

Bangkok mainnet launch ceremony

Bilal, CIO of ECOC interviewed by media

1. What is the original intention and background of establishing ECOChain? What is the vision of ECOChain?
Ecochain R&D is a historical development. Initially, we wanted to put AI / VR products on the chain. However, through research, it is found that the underlying technology of existing blockchain cannot handle VR \ AI apps efficiently, so it was decided to launch the public chain research and development of Ecochain first!
Our vision is to make knowledge obey the power of algorithm, human behavior relationship obey the power of algorithm and human economic relationship obey the power of algorithm through technology!

2. What ecological layout has ECOChain made?
Ecochain’s existing ecological community includes more than 20 countries and regions, including China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, the United States, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, etc. at the same time, we are also assisting more than 20 dApp project parties to make corresponding technical construction, including real estate, law, banking, film and television, gambling and other fields.

3. What is the business model of ECOChain? How to realize the value growth of ECOChain?
We have adopted a variety of incentive layer systems to provide more rewards for node builders, and we have also adopted a profit driven model to control the circulation of ECOC market. At the same time, we have adopted a backgame perspective in community construction to form an effective consensus on market value.

4. Why did ECOChain choose to deploy live broadcast of Main Net at the conference this time?
Blockchain advocates openness, transparency and decentralization. In this meeting, we adopted the live broadcast of the main net deployment to bring more knowledge popularization to the blockchain industry, let more community partners and fans in the blockchain field understand every step of the blockchain technology, and make the community or fans closer to the blockchain technology end. At the same time, because ECOC is all owned funds of the enterprise from the beginning of design to the main net online, without the participation of any other capital parties and individuals, we just hope to make the technology solid, and can better serve the society, at the same time, we also want to submit a satisfactory answer to the community and blockchain fans.

5. Is there any major action in the next phase of ECOChain?
In the next phase of ECOC, we will deeply develop “Oracle system” to establish a complete information transmission cross chain system. At the same time, we will also conduct research and development on the subject of “quantum computing and time entanglement”.

6. What is the development plan of ECOChain?
To better improve ECOC and better serve dApp project, this is our plan, to do a good job in every today!

7. Where does eco chain technology land in?
ECOC is built in the form of multiple contracts from the economic model. Its purpose is to meet the application needs of more industries as much as possible. Therefore, we do not limit the industry, nor do we fully research and develop for which industry. We believe that blockchain technology should be widely used, not limited.

8. What kind of impact will Ecochain have on real life?
ECOC will bring different changes to our life in terms of security, speed, convenience, etc! Based on our existing technology, openness, transparency, efficiency and data security are all the needs of today’s community. ECOC is also born to meet the needs of today’s community!

9. What are the main innovations of ECOChain?
TPS / 560, block size 4MB, Ethereum smart contract cross chain execution. And the Oracle system of the future, quantum computing and time entanglement. These are the innovation highlights of ECOC. At the same time, we also provide a more convenient way for dApp to build. Even if you are not familiar, you can issue a token in five minutes in ECOC.

10. What kind of initial environment does ECOChain design inspiration come from?
Just now, we mentioned that the construction of ECOC is for the initial AI \ VR technology research and development. In this process, we continuously expand the requirements for the technical field, and then we have the current ECOC.

11. What are the main characteristics of ECOChain?
ECOC’s basic application development for the needs of the whole industry, no matter the transaction speed or block size and the convenient way to build dApp, we absolutely have the advantage at the front-end of the current industry!

12. What kind of future does ECOChain hold?
In the future, ECOC will pay more attention to the construction of technology community, provide support and help to more technology parties, and hope to become the most widely used technology-based public chain in the world.

13. What is the profit model of ECOChain?
ECOC’s profit-making methods are diverse. Here I will give a simple example. The public chain itself is an operating system level platform application, similar to windows, Android and IOS. Our technical advantages and wide industry accommodation will bring us enterprises and individuals from all walks of life who need to build dApp in our system. The gas generated in dApp’s operation is very important for ECOC is the best and most durable way to make profits. At the same time, in order to support more enterprises and individuals to use the high-quality public chain system, our gas threshold is very low.

14. How does ECOChain realize the benefit distribution of information transmission through the decentralized method, and what are the highlights?
First of all, we adopted POS consensus algorithm, which is compatible with the cross-chain operation of Ethereum smart contract and made strong optimization for TPS. The minimum speed can also reach 560 transactions / second. In order to meet the needs of dApp project parties, we also expanded the block capacity to 4MB. In the overall construction process, Ecochain focuses on the security field. We have continuously improved the security deployment of Ecochain through various technical forms!

Bangkok mainnet launch ceremony

The Community happily helps ECOChain to move forward

Bangkok mainnet launch ceremony

Xiang Shen Capital Community helps ECOChain to move forward

Representatives from 16 countries participated in the ECOC Main Net Launching Conference. At the same time, during the meeting, we learned that this is a strange Host. Since 2017, the Host is sole investor in R&D, without any other financing sector. At the same time, ECOC broke into the industry, with a large range of news and publicity, as well as the construction of community. It is expected that the real star project of 2018-2019 will come into being – ECOChain, let’s see!