Statement on GCTChain Illegal Plagiarism of ECOChain’s Technical Achievements and Documents

Statement on “GCTChain” Illegal Plagiarism of ECOChain’s Technical Achievements and Documents


Recently, blockchain media “” and its company and personal accounts on all mainstream blockchain media platforms have published 2 articles featuring GCTC Project. After investigation, the project is suspected of illegally stealing the technical achievements of ECOC, including the Oracle system and the POL system. GCTC also copied ECOC’s open source data and used the ECOC data for various commercial purposes. ECOC hereby solemnly declare: ECOC technologies are all independently developed and have related technology patent rights. ECOC have already made technical content records and backups, and formed project documents, product prototype drawings, etc. ECOC has undisputed technology ownership rights.

After in-depth research, it was found that GCTC completely relies on plagiarizing ECOC’s content to package its blockchain products without any technical skills. GCTC plagiarized ECOC official posters, activities, landing technology, and even ECOC’s open source code. The evidence are as follows:

  1. The image of the CBO of ECOC was photoshopped and used for commercial purposes

    The picture on the left shows that when Albert, CBO of ECOC, represented ECOC to attend an AMA when ECOC was listed on MXC Exchange. The posters and content were thoroughly copied by GCTC, which tried to use the fame of ECOC for their own purposes.
  2. Commercial activities plagiarization

    On October 28th, 2019, the online launch event “Linking The World, Linking You And Me”, hosted by ECOC was held at the Bangkok Convention Center in Thailand. Media and over 100 guests from all over the world witnessed the event. This report has been on the ECOC official website since last year. GCTC plagiarized the press release and published it after changing the subject, as shown in the following image

    In the screenshot, ironically, GCTC is also on the main network, based in Thailand, and is on exactly the same media.
  3. ECOC technology plagiarism
    The original Oracle system of ECOC: mainly used to solve the problem of global transnational payment systems. POL system: blockchain positioning system, which is similar to GPS, but does not have the phenomenon of pseudo position conversions of GPS systems. These two are important proofs of blockchain application. ECOC’s high-performance TPS as well as the consensus mechanism of POS, even the total supply and destruction mechanism are “technically” stolen by GCTC .

  4. Copying open source code

    No matter which development environment is used, many developers choose to browse and store code on GitHub. GCTC copied ECOC’s open source code as if they were the original developer, and shamelessly linked it on their official website ( ECOC’s original intention to share open source codes, on the one hand, is to share valuable content with the community as ECOC has always benefited from the others’ contributions in the open source community. On the other hand, when others use the open source code, they may find issues that are difficult to detect during the original development, or can help suggest improvements to make the project better.

    The long-term value of GCTC’s continuous plagiarism is undoubtedly negative. The fact that one’s own functions, businesses and ideas relies heavily on other people’s designs not only hurts the growth of the open source community, but also imposes irreversible negative impact on their own growth, as shown in the following figure:

  5. Plagiarism is inevitable, due to low costs and huge profit potentials, unless caught . This is the reason for continuous plagiarism in the field, though unfair for those whose work was plagiarized. ECOC has input a lot of money, top talents and various social resources into research and development, yet all of these are easily but illegally plagiarized. If this phenomenon can not be stopped, real technology developers will no longer be willing to engage in research and innovation. If GCTC sets the stage for this dark social phenomenon, the negative impact on blockchain will be irreparable. To avoid this situation, it’s better for GCTC to develop their own technology and create their own content.

  6. ECOC is not the first victim of plagiarism and will not be the last. We are part of the firm resistance to the “GCTC Incidence”. We are not only speaking for ourselves, but also for the developers of original technical content.
  7. The official legal affairs department of ECOC has reported the case to the Chinese and Thai police for investigation. We hope that GCTC will stop plagiarizing the technical code and content of ECOC, stop publicizing the content from ECOC on major media platforms as if those were their original contents, and stop all kinds of behaviors that hurt the brand image of ECOC. For media that worked with GCTC to release those false reports, please delete the relevant articles as soon as possible, and cooperate with the investigation of relevant departments. For investors, please make careful decisions to avoid being deceived.

ECOC officials