Skyline Capital strategic investment with ECOChain (ECOC)

As of July 29, 2020, Skyline Capital officially announced its strategic investment in ECOChain. During this week, ECOChain has successfully obtained institutional investment from Genesis Capital, Thai Fund, and Bi Shi Jie.

ECOChain is a full structure public chain system based on POS consensus. Its underlying technology is supported by high-security technology. It takes into account high block capacity based on high TPS and realizes cross-chain through VM smart contract. ECOChain is currently developing the Oracle system of atomic computing and POL positioning system; the former will enter the internal testing stage this month.

Skyline Capital Investment Holding Group focuses on serving the blockchain market. It is jointly established by technical experts of the blockchain industry, professional investors, VC / PE practitioners, and secondary market professional operators to help more people enjoy the comprehensive business opportunities brought by blockchain. The company’s employees are distributed in the United States, Thailand, Singapore, and more. Its subsidiary, Hong Kong Skyline Capital, has mainly participated in project in-depth research incubation and private investment in the primary market and has invested in dozens of notable projects. Skyline quantitative platform primarily connects the fund side and the quantitative team. It provides a complete set of technical system support and related services for the quantitative team and the fund side.

At present, Skyline Capital has deeply cooperated with dozens of quantitative companies, covering grid trading, intertemporal arbitrage, term arbitrage, high-frequency trading, CTA strategy, value investment strategy, etc., with comprehensive and complete strategy. Skyline Capital firmly believes that blockchain technology, especially public chain technology, will bring subversive changes to our life and business. Therefore, it hopes to help investors enter the blockchain field and accelerate the commercialization process of blockchain technology.