ECOC Statement for conterfeit attempts

ECOC Statement for conterfeit attempts


In respond from the public to us that there are community promoting with the name of ECOC in the market.
ECOC officially welcomes blockchain enthusiasts to participate in the construction of ECOC community. However, it is not allowed to violate the economic logic and national laws. Any situation similar to the above is not the official behavior of ECOC. ECOC will not be responsible for any loss by the participants.

ECOC hereby solemnly declares that:

  1. English Name: Eco chain
  2. Symbol: ECOC
  3. The only official domain name is: Website
  4. ECOC use the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism as the underlying public chain, and has never raised funds in any form.

There are two ways to obtain ECOC:

  1. Participate in Crypto Exchange Transactions
  2. Users already possesing coins can get the income of POS algorithm through staking (running a node).

Once again: for projects that copy and counterfeit ECOC in any form, please be aware of that, and ECOC will not be responsible for the losses caused by such projects.

ECOC official