ECOC International Strategic Partnership

International community

Building communities

Blockchain Store Co. Ltd. and it’s subsidary company, ECOChain (ECOC) will be now focusing on developing its international community. Recently, they had achieved a partnership with “Bei Ming Community” and “Da Xia Blockchain” in China’s community and brand building operation, and at the same time partnered up with Korea’s well-known marketing enterprise “Unblocked Block”, which had reached an in-depth cooperation on the community and brand building for South Korea region.

Community and brand building operation in other countries are under implementation and tt is expected that ECO will be building more communities around the world by the end of 2020 in further developing in the blockchain industry.

The conclusion of this in-depth cooperation means that Ecochain has taken a solid and important step in the international strategy. It is also believed that with the in-depth cooperation of partners from various countries and regions, ECOC can show its due value at a faster speed.

Strategic Partners

Bei Ming

Da Xia

Unblocked Block