Boboo Lists Grace Period Token (GPT)


Grace Period Token (GPT) will be listed on Boboo, the world’s first PoB (Proof of Behavior) cryptocurrency trading platform, and begin trading on Thursday, December 31 17:00 (UTC+8). The deposit or withdrawal service will be available at 15:00 (UTC+8).


GPT will be supported at launch with GPT/USDT trading pairs available.


About Boboo

Boboo is the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform and stands out as the first platform that enables people to earn the currency by using their behavior. Meanwhile, Boboo helps users seize blockchain asset investment opportunities by providing quality investment service and diverse asset allocation tools.


Check out the Boboo announcement:


You can sign up for a Boboo account here to send, receive, buy, or sell GPT.


 About GPT

GPT (Grace Period Token) is a token used to delay the settlement of mortgage assets. It can also be mined by using EFG mortgages that comply with the ECRC-20 standard. GPT is designed through the ECRC-20 standard smart contract and provides a total of 10,000 tokens. It becomes the main factor in the protection of investors’ risk extension benefits in EFG’s lending behavior.


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