Coinsuper lists ECOC, EFG and GPT

Ecochain (ECOC), ECOC Financial Growth (EFG), Grace Period Token (GPT) will be listed on Coinsuper, a Hong Kong based virtual asset trading platform and self-regulated custodian, and begin trading on Sunday, June 6, 2020 07:00 AM Universal Time (UTC).

ECOC and EFG, GPT token will be supported at launch with ECOC/USDT, EFG/USDT, GPT/USDT trading pair available.

This is part of a major effort to expand and increase accessibility to the defi on a global scale.


About Coinsuper

Coinsuper is a Hong Kong based virtual asset trading platform and self-regulated custodian. We offer a powerful trading engine to provide liquidity for wide variety of cryptocurrencies along with fiat on and off ramp infrastructure and provide custodial services for storage and security facilities to safeguarding investor assets.


About EFG

EFG’s dapp, which has been created by ecochain, is based on smart contracts architecture. All of the tokens on this defi platform are ECRC-20 standard tokens, which are described as being similar to the ERC-20 standard seen on the Ethereum blockchain.

The dapp also aims to be cross-platform through “wrapped tokens,” meaning coins and tokens on a number of blockchains can be swapped in a decentralized way.


About GPT

GPT (Grace Period Token) is a token used to delay the settlement of mortgage assets. It can also be mined by using EFG mortgages that comply with the ECRC-20 standard. GPT is designed through the ECRC-20 standard smart contract and provides a total of 10,000 tokens. It becomes the main factor in the protection of investors’ risk extension benefits in EFG’s lending behavior.


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