A New Generation Token ECOC Financial Growth (EFG)

ECOChain proudly presents an innovative token called ECOC Financial Growth (EFG), which is based on decentralized finance (DeFi) and is considered the “foundation” of EFG. For the financial sector, ECOChain foresees for the initial capital to start circulating in the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, the principle of Dapps on ECOChain is that starting capital is needed for the financial cycle. The liquidity injected in the system can lead to borrowing and finally repaying back the loan and the circle can start again. All of these happen in a decentralized manner.

Experienced developers created ECOChain and its native coin (ECOC), which was successfully listed on global exchanges like Bittrex, MXC, and Boboo. Besides ECOC, ECOChain can host an unlimited number of tokens, which can be created by smart contracts. These tokens usually comply with the ECRC-20 standard, which shares the same Interface of ERC-20 (Ethereum) standard. While the core team keeps developing and building the Ecosystem of ECOChain they also supervise new teams that are developing new Dapps for ECOChain.

Therefore, EFG is trying to expand and strengthen the ecosystem providing the desired missing attributes for users, reliability, and stable prices. EFG can offer a firmer credit channel for borrowers. Investors don’t need to sell their coins to get liquidity, they just deposit them as collateral and they can buy them back when they want. That way the EFG token comes with new alternatives for investment, according to the basic mechanism of the cryptocurrency market. EGF token brings an opportunity to increase the investment value for borrowers by lending EFG tokens so they can continue to invest in the cryptocurrency market because the ownership of ECOC coins stays to the original holder.

The mechanism of acquiring Financial Growth (EFG) Tokens is by depositing ECOC as collateral to the smart contract and getting a loan. EFG tokens supply is fixed at 1 Million Tokens. Meanwhile, the interest rate is fixed and the interest compensation depends on the length of the lending period.


Let’s get started with EFG. A new generation token

Website: https://www.efg.finance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EFG_DeFi

Medium: https://medium.com/@EFG_DeFi