Congregating of “100 Communities Contention” to share 200,000 ECOC

Congregating of “100 Communities Contention” to share 200,000 ECOC

100 Communities

Since the establishment of the ECOChain public chain, every step, every milestone, every technical update cannot be separated from the strong support and encouragement of the community members. We firmly believe that high-quality communities are an indispensable contribution to project development, and in order to better practice and grow the blockchain community, we launched a community call on May 30, 2020, inviting like-minded community owners, KOL, blockchain enthusiasts to join our “100 Communities Contention”.

ECOChain has been at work since 2017, first open sourced in September 2018, and launching of main net on 28 October 2019, which in total took us three years. ECOChain has built a permission-less public chain with development-friendly tools and achieved high level of TPS. The distributed architecture and subject peering characteristics of the ECOChain help to break the existing silos of information in the public chain, build mutual trust at low cost, and promote horizontal flow of information and inter-network collaboration. In order to develop the community and thrive and allow blockchain enthusiasts around the world to have a better understand on ECOC’s concept of “Oracles System” and “POL System”, as well as solving the public chain disadvantages and problems, we will officially launch the “100 Families Contention” program!

We’ll be choosing one out of the many communities around the world and pick the most energetic ones for the development of the “100 Communities Contention” communities program, providing a continuous and positive contribution to the ECOC project, adding to the growth of the technology community, and working with ECOChain to create the best community more efficiently!

1. Criteria to join
To be selected, you need to have the following 4 conditions:
1.1 Own media that is already in place. (Weibo, Facebook, Twitter, Wechat Official account);
1.2. Has an active community of more than 2000 peoples (WeChat, Telegram, Biyong and other chat software tools that are available) ;
1.3. Having Blockchain industry influences;
1.4. Having a strong belief in technological developments in the blockchain field.

As our community owner, you are responsible for promoting ECOC-related info in your circle of friends and main group, and with us in the community to post relevant links, text introductions, posters, newsletters, etc. We will provide the relevant information such as article and poster.

2. Assessment standards:
During the period of the program, be active and corresponding to official notice, inactive community will be disqualified, for reasonable maintenance and guidance of the community for the owners. We have the following requirements:

2.1. Activeness of the Community group must not be less than 15%;
2.2. Daily discussion of blockchain topics must not be less than 50%;
2.3. Daily discussion of ECOC topics must not be less than 30%;
2.4. Timely sharing of ECOC information, in-depth article writing, Timely announcement of ECOC market performance, More extensive topic of ECOC;
2.5. Forward of ECOC’s daily news to community groups, moments, and own media.

3. Rights
Community that was approved, can participate in the division of 200,000 ECOCs, and details will be announced by the official departments for the communities that have passed the assessment.
“100 Communities Contention” to adopt the principle of voluntary registration, according to the individual’s wishes to register;

ECOChain reserves the final interpretation of this event. Participating community is to comply with the relevant management rules, we have the right to cancel the relevant honorary title and benefits in the program if there is a violation of the relevant rules.